Kaw is a simple movie about killer birds. And, surprisingly, it's a pretty good simple movie about killer birds. It knows it will never be The Birds and doesn't try to be, although it does wear its homages to the Hitchcock film proudly.

The story is simple; locals in a small Pennsylvania town find themselves running afoul of some killer ravens. Sean Patrick Flannery is the chief of police who tries, along with a small group of citizens, to fight off the feathery menace.

The cast is uniformly good. Along with Flannery (who is both adequately talented and easy on the eyes), Stephen McHattie graces us with his presence. McHattie is an underrated gem, particularly in genre films, and he is wonderful in Kaw, as town eccentric, Clyde. Robert Taylor, the square jawed hero of The Birds, is also a nice surprise in the role of the wise town doctor.

Kaw may be just a fun killer animals run amok flick, but it grounds the action in reality by giving us some well developed characters. Serio…

Among the Living

2014's Among the Living (French title: Aux yeux des vivants) was directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, the super duo who first gained recognition (or notoriety) for their 2007 film, Inside, one of the bloodiest, most violent films I have ever seen (that wasn't directed by Takashi Miike). While it never registered as one of my favorites, I have been eager to see what the pair has done since. So how did this one compare?

The story revolves around three friends, including our hero, Victor, who skip their last afternoon of school before summer to smoke, set things on fire, and tour a long abandoned old movie lot in the nearby woods. It is at the movie lot where they discover a kidnapped woman and the weird family unit who kidnapped her, including a creep in a clown mask. When the boys attempt to tell the police what they've seen, they're dismissed as delinquent kids telling tales. Unfortunately for them, they left behind evidence of Victor's identity and are…

Happy October!

Happy October!
It's the best month of the year!

The Ones I Would Have Saved

Every horror fan has them. The inevitable victims that we just weren't ready to see die. The ones that if we were making the movie, we would have let make it to the final credits. Here are some of mine:

Note: I'm probably going to miss a few, so there may be a Part 2 to this list.

Note 2: I'm not including animals on this list, because it should go without saying that I NEVER want the animals to die. If I were making the films, all the animal characters would survive. And if I were God, all animals would live forever. Just saying...

Note 3: Spoiler Alert. Obviously.

Scott (Jeremy Sisto), Wrong Turn Jeremy Sisto's character in Wrong Turn is always the first character who comes to mind when people ask me the "who would you save" question. I don't know why. I'm not even sure if his is the character I feel most strongly about saving. He's just the first to pop into my head.

R.I.P. Scott

Billy (Jeffrey Landman), Halloween 5 Poor Billy. He's just a …


When I was a little kid, an older friend of mine, Anna, showed me my first ouija board. (Anna also told me my first ghost story and introduced me to Are You Afraid of the Dark?, so she is largely responsible for my love of horror.) I was immediately fascinated.

These days, I don't play with ouija boards. I'm generally a sceptic when it comes to the supernatural, but I also believe that there are some things you just don't fuck with. (I also refuse to say Bloody Mary in the mirror or eat the grocery store's discount sushi). However, ouija boards and the supernatural in general still fascinate me (obviously), which is why I was willing to give Ouija a chance, despite its universally bad reviews.

So was it as bad as everyone said?

Well, sort of. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but I wouldn't exactly recommend it either. It's a competently directed film marred by a dull script. The acting is generally decent. Leads Olivia Cooke and Ana Coto show p…