Book Review: Shiver

 I love winter. I love cold weather, snow, getting cozy by the fireplace, all of that winter stuff. And I really love a good winter-set horror story. So when I saw that Nico Bell had edited a collection of 30 winter horror stories, I was excited. I snatched this book up the day it came out. As with any collection, Shiver is a mixed bag. Not every story is going to be for every person. However, overall I really enjoyed this one. My favorites: "Waiting for Winter" by Nicole M. Wolverton: I love a good slasher, so this tale a group of daughters of former final girls banding together to fight off a mysterious killer sucked me in. My only complaint is that it could have been longer; I could have used more information about our main characters and their mothers' histories. I think more backstory would have been fascinating and would also have given the twists more impact. "The Snow Woman" by Sarah Jane Huntington: A couple vacationing at an isolate cabin in Japan is

Book Review: The World of Lore: Wicked Mortals

I admit I've never listened to the Lore podcast. I've heard great things, and I've always meant to get around to it, but I admit podcasts usually aren't my thing. I find I prefer to absorb information through reading rather than hearing. Everyone has their own way of learning. So anyway, I was delighted when I found out Mahnke was coming out with books based on his podcast. I bought the first two right away. But when I tried to read the first book ( Monstrous Creatures),  I just couldn't get into it. Something in Mahnke's writing style just irked me. So I put both books aside for a while. Then while packing my books up for a move, I came across this second one, Wicked Mortals , again and decided to give it ago. And I loved it. Whatever bugged me about Mahnke's writing in the first book did not bother me here. In fact, I thought the whole thing flowed quite well, and I finished it in just a few sittings. As for the topics covered, I admit I found the earlier

Happy Christmas!

 HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Looking for some horror treats to get you into that spooky Christmas spirit? Check out links below: Book Reviews: The Visitor by Sergio Gomez The Valancourt Book of Christmas Ghost Stories Movies and TV: BBC's A Ghost Story for Christmas (I) BBC's A Ghost Story for Christmas (II) Home for the Holidays review Saint (Sint) review Snowy Christmas Horror Movies Best Christmas Horror Movies list

Book Review: The Visitor

 I don't normally read a lot of alien horror. Despite Aliens and Independence Day being two of my favorite movies, the overall sub-genre of sci-fi horror has never held a lot of appeal to me. If there's more out there as good as Sergio Gomez's The Visitor though, maybe I should be changing my tune. I'd been wanting to read one of Gomez's books for a while now, and given The Visitor 's short length and Christmas setting, I figured this would be a good jumping off point. And I'm so glad I checked this one out! I ended up loving it! Gomez's novella is a fast paced, fun thrill ride, and his writing really sucks you in. I flew through this one - I had read half the book before I even realized it. Despite the short length and the fast pace though, Gomez is still able to. craft likable and believable characters, whose fates I was invested in. Best of all: The Dog Lives! Merry Christmas everyone!

Book Review: The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories

 I have been hearing rave reviews of Valancourt's collections for a long time, but only now got around to picking one up. I am well pleased with my experience and plan to dive into the other collections soon. The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories, edited by Tara Moore, is the perfect book to get you into that spooky Christmas spirit. The collection starts off with Sir Walter Scott's "The Tapestried Chamber." I love Scott's work - Ivanhoe is one of my very favorite novels. His story here about an army general visiting his old friend's haunted estate turned out to be one of my favorites in the book. It also had one of the collection's few legitimately creepy (by modern standards) scenes. Another favorite was the second tale, Elizabeth Gaskell's "The Old Nurse's Story." Gaskell is an incredible writer who I've always meant to read more of, and this story of a vengeful ghostly child was both tragic and haunting. John B